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Three Reasons San Diego Companies Are Adding Fiber Optics

fiber-cablingWhen old copper wire networks reach the physical limitation of the wire to carry more data between two points, San Diego companies are upgrading to fiber optic networks. Some decision makers will postpone this decision until the situation becomes critical and San Diego fiber optic cabling experts must be contacted. Intricate equipment requires certain communication capabilities that can only be found in fiber optic technology.

  1. High capacity – Tiny strands of glass that are no thicker than a human hair are capable of carrying large quantities of data over vast distances. Internet connections and voice transmission can be carried on the same San Diego fiber optic cabling network which reduces costs and ensures both systems can be maintained in a cost-effective manner.
  2. Digital signals – The most advanced telephone, computer and video equipment uses digital signals that can be transmitted over San Diego fiber cabling with the highest possible signal integrity. Since no translation is needed, the speeds are higher and the equipment can function the way according to its original design.
  3. Security – Protection against network violations has become an integral part of protecting employee and customer that is proprietary in nature. San Diego fiber optics networks are nearly impossible to penetrate and intercept the light-based signal that transmits the data. This advantage provides a business advantage that provides peace of mind to customers whose information might reside on the computer network.

Countless advantages are realized after San Diego business owners take the step to upgrade their copper network to San Diego fiber cabling. Every employee’s productivity is impacted by the quality of the communications network. When San Diego fiber optics technology is implemented, equipment and people work more efficiently to complete work tasks and communicate with others. The cost of the conversion will be recovered in many ways including productivity and equipment performance that will be noticeable to everyone in the office.